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Mail-in Repair Service Details

We know your iPod* is precious, and the goal is to repair it and ship it back to you safely. That's why our service center has a well-organized repair process that leaves nothing to chance. The service center will make sure you always know exactly where your iPod is during its repair and exactly what is happening to it.
  1. Once your order is placed, we send you a pre-paid shipping box that contains easy activation instructions that can be complete on the phone or the web.
  2. As soon as your box is opened, your iPod* and all its information is logged into a secure customer relationship management system. This system tracks your iPod* and the work performed on it through each step of the iPod* repair process.
  3. From the receiving department, your iPod* is taken to our lab where a technician uses the latest diagnostic tools to identify the damage and the repairs needed. The broken parts are then replaced with parts from the extensive service department inventory. These parts have been fully tested and are backed by Repair Assurance, which includes our 180-Day Limited Guarantee.
  4. Once repaired, your iPod* is moved to the inspection department where another group of technicians conduct thorough tests. The quality of the parts and iPod* repair are all carefully reviewed.
  5. The iPod* is then sent to the shipping department where a service center employee makes sure your iPod* gets to you safely. The iPod* is shipped to you, for free, using the UPS overnight service. Your iPod* will arrive at your door safely, securely packaged in shipping materials specifically designed for it.
  6. The service center believes in standing by their iPod* repair work. As part of the Repair Assurance, if you have any further problems with your iPod*, the customer service department will work diligently with you to resolve them.
While we make every effort to protect the software and information on your iPod*, we are not responsible for any data lost during the iPod* repair process. We strongly advise you to make backups before shipping your iPod* for repair.

*iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.